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Coffee roasted
to perfection



Passionately driven by our science in Africa, we micro-roast coffee to an art.

Science of Coffee is at the forefront of coffee research and precision agriculture. Working with the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture, we are a collection of scientists that specialise in agroclimatology and plant physiology. What does that mean? We bring our expertise in science and research (along with a healthy dose of curiosity and loads of passion) to bear on our coffee bean selections, brewing practices, and product choices. The Science of Coffee – you’ll taste it in every cup.

Our passion project? To nurture some of the rarest coffees in the world and bring them to you. In our work, we do justice to the farmer and bean, and then tailor each coffee to your particular clientele and the environment – from luxury lodges in remote areas, to cafes and yachts at sea, to your at-home coffee breaks, our coffees are as unique as you. 


Our logo is Phi

Phi (1.618033988749894848204586834 for the science-curious among us) is the golden ratio in mathematics, art, and architecture. It is simply an irrational number... but one with many intriguing mathematical properties. Found naturally in plants, DNA, the physical proportions of the human body, music, and the solar system, the symbol was selected to represent the perfect balance of science and art that constitutes the work we do at Science of Coffee.


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