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Calling all lovers of coffee

Our coffee partners receive training, customer support and free machinery to brew the perfect cup. Join us in bringing Africa's greatest crops to the world.


Customised setups for lovers of uniquely delicious coffee

Our custom 'out-the-box' collections are perfect for starting up or redefining your coffee experience. From the independent café to the corporate office, we have options for kitting out your location - complete with barista training, custom house blends and machinery with maintenance plans, all available to our monthly committed patrons.


Choose a setup or make your own - we'd love to become your partner. Enquire here →


Truly African, micro-lot and single origin coffee beans for the the highest quality of coffees


With a passion for finding the world's best coffee farms, Alessandro Craparo travels to remote regions where some of the best hidden gems in the coffee belt are located, so you can serve a scientifically better coffee experience.


Featured Coffees

Choose your poison and your grind

Trusted internationally for high quality and volume supply

Science of Coffee has been a great company to join forces with, the knowledge and passion they have really comes through in the high quality green beans they select!
— Dreyer van Huyssteen, The Upper Millstone Artisan Bakery and Espresso Bar
Best coffee in Durban. Care is taken when selecting coffee beans and the coffee is always fresh and smells amazing. Science of Coffee is amazing.
— Christine Macvicar
Super friendly and knowledgeable - the best partner to have in delivering an unparalleled coffee experience for our clients.
— M.R. Dolphin Coast, KZN

Some of the best equipment in the game