Perk up with these top coffee trends for 2018.

At Science of Coffee, we’re passionate about all things coffee, from the bean growing to the brewing processes, from the grind to the packaging. And we love to share what we know with fellow coffee lovers – for what would the world be without this most delicious brew?

And that’s also why we like to stay on top of the latest trends in the coffee industry. If you work in the food and beverage industries or are simply someone who likes to be in the know about their favourite cuppa, you should too.

Five of the top coffee trends for 2018

1. High quality is on the up

In previous years, high quality coffee (made from the best beans and processes) was the preserve of high-end coffee shops or bars. This is no longer the case as more and more coffee drinkers are refining their tastes and knowledge of the coffee industry and culture. Select blends and coffees from exotic locations are making their way onto local coffee scenes in line with bespoke food and craft markets and gourmet coffee experiences. No more quick takeaway or instant coffee allowed – in 2018, coffee will be more of an experience than ever before.

2. Coffee will diversify

The coffee industry is growing rapidly and this year will see our favourite any-time drink go beyond the mug and into other industries, from home crafts to high-end decor. Coffee-infused foods and decor finds (like candles and perfume) will become more popular in 2018 as consumers realise that coffee is an aroma and flavour they simply can’t live without.

3. Direct Trade will continue to grow in popularity

Consumers are becoming increasing aware of the nature and ethical stance of their chosen products. And it’s no different in the world of coffee where practices like Fair Trade and, even further, Direct Trade are impacting on how coffee is produced and sold around the world. Direct Trade (read more about it here) means better working conditions for the farmer and better quality beans for the market. It’s win-win.

4. Everyone will be a barista

Superior at-home brewing equipment means that getting a great cup of quality coffee doesn’t have to be limited to your next visit to your favourite coffee shop. From speciality coffee beans to brewing equipment that’s as beautiful as it is effective, at-home brewing will become more accessible and more fashionable that in years past. And serious coffee drinkers are learning all about it.

5. A (re)focus on water

While technological advancements in the coffee industry continue at pace, many industry experts are going back to basics with a focus on essential brewing elements such as water. The type and quality of the water used to brew coffee can affect the taste and the longevity of the brewing equipment. Temperature and environment can also have an impact on water’s effect on beans and their flavour. In 2018, water is set to be the biggest ingredient for discussion in coffee circles.

6. The drinking age will fall

While coffee has traditionally been a drink for more mature individuals, it’s starting to gain in popularity with younger people, from teens upwards. At the same time, this sees a change in the type, taste, and strength of the brew itself. Younger drinkers tend to prefer sweeter, smoother tastes and more modern takes on the traditional ‘black’ cup – think coffee shakes, frappucinos, nitro coffees, and cafe au lait bowls (that’s right – coffee drunk out of a beautiful bowls).

We know that 2018 is going to be a big year in coffee and we’re excited to be part of that journey! Want to know more? When it comes to great coffee, we simply can’t get enough!

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