How to choose the best wholesale beans for your hospitality business.

From coffee shop to hotel, when it comes to making and serving the best coffee possible, there are so many factors to consider – one of the most important being the beans. Latest research shows an incredibly strong correlation between a customer’s perception of the quality of a lodge or hotel stay, just by the quality of coffee served. Remember it’s the first thing most people would do in the morning, make sure it’s the best it can be to set their day right! The truth is that the beans are the basis for any great cup of coffee. But, when you’re buying in bulk (as you would for business purposes), there’s always the risk of placing cost above quality or simply not knowing which wholesale bean to choose.

So, where to start? Recognise that not all roasts (or roasters) are created equal and it’s worth doing your research to find out which roasters will offer you not just the best beans, but also the knowledge of which beans would suit your client base and provide the necessary support to your business.. When it comes to the beans, we’ve gathered together a few tips for how to go about choosing the best in the wholesale space for your brew.

Three steps to choosing the best wholesale beans

1.Choose the highest grade you can find

This may be a single origin Arabica, or a blend of Arabica’s selectively chosen to fit a taste profile for your hotel, lodge, café or business. . Prepared with the best beans from a selected area or set of farms, single origin, superior quality coffee grounds translate into better coffee and, when it comes to business, the better the coffee, the more likely your customers will return to try it again. Quality coffee is a highly competitive business so it’s best to choose the highest grade possible to ensure the best production processes and end result.

2.Do the right thing and go Direct Trade

Direct Trade takes Fair Trade one step further by allowing roasters to buy (most often single origin coffee) directly from coffee farmers. The roaster pays the farmer for their beans, establishing a direct relationship with them. This cuts out middle men, as well as regulatory organisations, with the aim of delivering a great product while respecting the farmers’ livelihood. We are proud to source most of our coffee. Direct Trade and to do justice to the farmer and the bean in all our dealings with the coffee industry.

3.Buy from a roaster with experience and accolades to ensure consistency and support

It takes time, expertise, and passion for the process to select beans and produce coffee that is consistently excellent, whilst walking with you every step of the way. At Science of Coffee, we’re proud to say that at the forefront of coffee research and development. Working with the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture, we are a collection of scientists that specialise in agroclimatology and plant physiology. What does that mean? We bring our expertise in science and research (along with a healthy dose of curiosity and loads of passion) to bear on our coffee bean selections, brewing practices, and product choices. 

Want the best possible wholesale beans for your brew? It’s simple – buy from us (and come and try us out at our new Science of Coffee Experience store)! Want to learn more about the fascinating world of coffee? As expert coffee roasters, we could talk about it all day! Let us know about your coffee needs (and dreams), buy our top quality coffees and brew equipment online, and keep reading our blog for more great coffee-related news and views.

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