Three ways to create a memorable coffee experience at your restaurant.

Coffee culture – from a quick coffee shop meeting to a fine dining meal, coffee has become an important part of any dining experience. And, if you’re a restaurant owner, you know that many guests judge the quality of a restaurant on the quality of the coffee. Yes, it’s that important.

When it comes to great coffee, it’s so much more about the experience than simply the flavour of the hot beverage you serve up (though of course, that counts too!). Here are some top tips to help you create a memorable coffee experience that will have your guests coming back time and again.

Three ways to create a memorable coffee experience

1. Start with the bean

It doesn’t matter how fancy your equipment or excellent your presentation, there’s nothing worse than a poor quality bean to ensure a disappointing coffee experience. When it comes to selecting your bean (or freshly ground roast), work with a reputable, experienced suppler (like us!), go for high quality single origin beans, and remember the fresher, the better.   

2. Make it right

Have a barista-quality coffee maker? Learn to use it right. Too often, restaurants have the finest coffee equipment but don’t know how to use it to ensure the best possible results. From preparing the machine, to the quality of the water, to the bean, to the method, it’s worth learning how to brew the perfect cup of coffee and getting it just right. Take it one step further and talk to your guests about the different types and styles of coffee. Work towards making the perfect cup for your loyal regulars or introducing them to something new that will be sure to delight them (and their senses!).

3. Presentation counts

Whether selling for at-home consumption, take-away, or sit-down, a beautiful presentation can go a long way to enhancing the experience of enjoying a cup of coffee. Use clean, polished cups in a style that suits the environment and take the time and effort to add something a little special e.g. free-hand latte art (which Science of Coffee trains their baristas to do). You will make your guests’ experience a better one and get to enjoy the pleasure of creating a bespoke product that represents your establishment.

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