How to choose the best equipment for brewing coffee at home.

At Science of Coffee, we understand that making that perfect cup of coffee is an art and a science – you need to start with top quality coffee (sourced and crafted from only the very best beans) and then use the right equipment to ensure you get the most out of your bean and brew.

Brewing coffee at home? If you have a bag of your favourite coffee beans or ground coffee (from your favourite roastery) in hand, the next step is kitting out your kitchen with barista-quality brewing equipment.

For now, let’s focus on the pour over method. The pour over method involves creating a batch of coffee using ground coffee and a steady stream of hot (right off the boil) water. The water is poured evenly over the grounds using a dripper (shaped like a cone or wedge) fitted with a filter. With this method, the rate of the brew depends on how quickly the water is poured and how the flow is controlled by the dripper. To make coffee this way, you’ll need a scale for measuring water and grounds, a burr grinder for grinding the beans, a good quality dripper with a filter, a kettle with an extended neck, a carafe in which to brew your coffee (sometimes built into the dripper apparatus), and a timer to monitor your brew time. Then you need to experiment with time, flavour, and desired taste. While it may take a few attempts to master the different elements, pour over coffee is essentially cost-effective, fun, and extracts the most flavour and body from the beans (so buy the best single origin you can!). The result? A delicious tasting brew.

here are our two favourite pieces of pour over brewing equipment

1. Chemex 1-3 Cup Coffee Maker

A winner when it comes to making multiple cups for a small group, the Chemex is not only beautiful and stylish, it’s our favourite dripper. And it comes with a built-in carafe and custom filters, making it the perfect way to serve your coffee. Pair it with a Hario kettle and some quality coffee and you’ll enjoy a brew experience like no other.

2. Buono Drip Kettle

With its distinctive beehive shape and a long, thin spout that helps you to direct and slow the flow of water for greater control, the Buono Drip Kettle can be used on a gas or electric stove and is the ideal partner for the Chemex.

Want to go the machine route for more convenience, consistent brewing conditions, and more output? Then the Aeropress or MoccaMaster might be a better fit for your needs. Use them well and you’ll enjoy perfectly brewed coffee every time.

Let us help you choose or go ahead and buy your coffee and equipment online directly from our website. We sell to individuals and on a wholesale basis, and offer only the best in product and service. We look forward to helping you create fantastic coffee in the comfort of your own home or in your business.

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